O F F I C I A L  B I O


G E O R G I A N  B A Y



The 2016 Polaris prize nominated bilingual duo Georgian Bay features the soaring vocal harmonies of multi-instrumentalists Joëlle Westman and Kelly Lefaive. Fearlessly fusing elements of electronic, jazz, chamber music, and pop to their folk roots, Georgian Bay’s music is uniquely Canadian, intertwining lyrics in English and French. In fall 2018, Georgian Bay will release the second volume of Courage, a double album that explores the human experience in shadow and light.

P R E S S  H I G H L I G H T S



 “Les mélo­dies de Geor­gian Bay évoquent effec­ti­ve­ment des paysages pitto­resques avec leurs sono­ri­tés de folk progres­sif ponc­tuées d’élé­ments orga­niques.” -Myriam Bourdeau-Potvin,             (21 March, 2016)     

“(Patience’s) soft blend of folk, country, French, and English is tranquil. A calmness floats down from some place we are not privy to and covers the entire album and subsequently the listener. The suffering and pain that’s usually at the root of patience is gone and so too is your own torment.” -Laura Stanley,                (31 March, 2016)    

“Pour ce nouvel opus, on voyage à travers de plusieurs univers [...] [Patience] fait beaucoup appel à la rêverie, à l’imagination, c’est très cinématographique” -Alix Forgeot,                (23 February, 2016)

“Patience tells a story... It’s a more abstract experience, as if Westman and Lefaive are able to place listeners in the middle of Georgian Bay and in the nature of the surrounding area then leave them to their own imaginations. Consider it much closer to experimental folk, or maybe progressive folk, with some psychedelic undertones and lots of electronic elements.” -Chris Montanini,                   (7 March, 2016)

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